I have never smiled and truly enjoyed a pilates workout before; but that was until I was introduced to Blogilates.com instructed by Cassey Ho. Cassey does a wide variety of workouts that really focus on lengthening and toning all the muscles in your body. She has such a positive and bubbly attitude through it all that you nearly forget you’re working out and not just enjoying her company. She does this all with a great selection of music to keep you motivated, and most videos are only 10-15 minutes so even if you think you don’t have much time to fit a workout in your busy schedule she makes it possible. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, after sticking to these workouts a few times a week, having a clean diet, and doing some simple cardio, YOU LOOK HOTT. It only took me a week so see small results, and three weeks for when I saw my abs beginning to sculpt, and my legs beginning to look long and lean. Best of all, these results stick and just keep getting better.

Finally, Cassey also offers Meal Plans, Recipes, and Printouts. Nothing should stop you from at least giving her workouts a try. What have you got to lose?